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Bronx Pizza

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​​​​​​The Mission of BRONXPIZZA is to have the best Pizza in Pattaya, second to none! The Pizzas are prepared with the highest quality of ingredients, served to you at the best value with friendly service in order to establish a long term relationship!! The dough recipe comes from Pop, handed down through the ​generations cold proofed for days… The sauce is from Mom’s side…top shelf Xtra virgin-olive oil fused with unsalted butter, fresh basil & garlic, our blend of herbs and spices, onion halves and a pinch or two of red pepper flakes simmered for hours reducing our sauce to perfection! This method produces an exceptional smooth, complex, slightly sweet, intense tomato sauce typical of New York City! Of course the mozzarella cheese is 100% whole cow milk!

Our Story

The Bronx Family celebrated 5 years of success March 15th, 2020!! Our Story is quite simple, we only serve PIZZA and strive to improve in all aspects on a daily basis!!


Slice 70

2 Slices 125 baht


Maxed Out!

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Fresh Pineapple & Paris Ham

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Homemade Italian Sausage & Onion

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Fresh Broccoli, Mushroom & Onion

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Pepperoni, Italian Sausage & Paris Ham

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Italian Sausage, Green Pepper & Onion

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Our Secret Sauce

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Our Homemade Sauce

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How to order online?

  1. Click the Green Delivery Button
  2. Please put pizza size, crust and xtra topping
  3. Click add to cart and then click cart icon
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OUR MISSION: is to have the best Pizza in Pattaya, second to none!

Bronx Pizza


  •   i used to go there and get some slice of pizza but last time i went and get a large pizza (very large indeed) with friend, pizza is very good... read more

    avatar thumb john a
  •   I discovered Bronx Pizza a few months ago Love the pepperoni 18-inch!! For me the best Pizza in town.
    And so happy they no offer delivery in Pattaya!!

    avatar thumb Charankamluan
  •   During this hard time it was good to have my bronx pizza fixed delivered at home (using their FB page) always go for the italian sausage (classic) with extra peperoni.... read more

    avatar thumb GregorySTAN
  •   This restaurant does have competitively big, tasty and different varieties of pizzas available. The experience was nice buying one of their . The owner of the restaurant is extremely nice... read more

    avatar thumb oulraMademeX
  •   The pizza was really good and lived up to the great reviews. Service was slow and unfriendly.
    The restaurant was just a white room with seats! No decoration, no... read more

    avatar thumb adamw801
  •   If​ you​ get​ the​ urge for​ some​ western​ food​ the​ pizza​ here​ is​ decent​ quality.​ Not​ the​ best​ but​ okay​ to​ fill a​ gap...

    avatar thumb alanst
  •   pizza are big, you can have slice or order a whole pizza but the most easy is to order a slice wich is ready in 3mn. pizza are good and... read more

    avatar thumb t3tsu0
  •   When they first opened and were located on soi Diana, I wrote a review "So Good It's Ridiculous." The owner made a sign of my review and hung it in... read more

    avatar thumb F8620OCbrianh
  •   Stumble across this restaurant on my way to my hotel. i wanted a quick bite and it was easyand fast to get a slice of pizza in a few minutes.... read more

    avatar thumb anderson s
  •   normally i m more an italian style pizza guy more than an american style, but here the american style is great, not too sweet and the dough is crispy and... read more

    avatar thumb andre s


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